Since his early years Frank has been fascinated with designing and building wooden items for others. His beginnings were found in his father’s wood shop pawing though the kindling bin for scraps he could use to create his next masterpiece. Work was done using hand tools, mainly a hammer and lots of nails, if he could get them from the closet with out anyone knowing, and a hand plane. Though, his early pieces were far from masterpieces they provided the seed in his heart that to this day has not been quenched.

Fast forward twenty years. Frank is a Toolmaker with an area shop and pursues his woodworking and metal working on the weekends. Living somewhere in New England, with his wonderful wife and his three children, his shop has grown to include many tools beyond the few hand tools he started with. Though his hand tools are still his most treasured and used tools in his shop.

About You

Frank would love to make you that next piece of beautiful furniture for your home. He strives to marry his experience as a toolmaker and his joy of woodworking to create fine functional furniture that will provide you with beauty and use for years.

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