Red Oak DVD & VHS Hutch

We’ve finished our DVD and VHS cabinet this weekend and installed it in its permanent home. The cabinet is constructed of two parts. A lower cabinet with three shelves for VHS tapes and a five shelve upper for DVDs and BluRay disks. The upper also contains a small area for those pesky remotes, cables, and other media land nick knacks.

Both the bottom and the top cases are dovetailed on the bottoms and set into dadoes at the top. The shelves on the lower are set into stop dadoes (the shelves don’t come through to the front of the case) while in the upper the shelves are set in through dadoes. The lower case also features a rounded bottom shelf and a rounded top breaking up the linear structure of the piece. The backs of the upper and lower are made of Baltic Birch 1/2″ plywood. We used plywood for the back of the cabinet because in theory it is never seen as the cabinet will live out its long and trusty life against one wall or another.

As with many of our other pieces this one was finished with Tried and True Varnish Oil. The top and bottom units were oiled separately allowing 24 hours between coats. After oiling a thin coat of SC Johnson Paste Wax was applied and and buffed out using four-ought steel wool leaving the surface silky smooth and sufficiently protected.

The hutch was not designed with feet due to low ceiling constraints and; therefore, required it to be fastened to the wall. In this instance simple drywall fasteners were sufficient as there should be pulling forces exerted on the unit.

Below are pictures of the assembled and installed hutch loaded up with movies.


  1. Woo Hoo! What a Lovely case, I’m thinking possibly a second similar case on the other side to make the “Chimney” symmetrical, and maybe something a little nicer in front of the Chimney to make the entire space more pleasing to the eye!

  2. Pretty cool, Frank! A side of you I never knew you were really this much into! I loved woodworking for most of my life as well. But then came CharlesWorks which consumed nearly all my time aside from vacationing now!

    • Thank you. Jen’s been waiting a long time for this to be ‘the next project.’ It was fun to build and finally see the movies somewhat organized.

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