Checkered Kitchen Butcher Board

This cutting board was purchased as a wedding gift. The board is an inch and three-quarters thick with an alternating pattern of African Mahogany and North American Hard Maple. Because we all detest the drippings from a cooked bird flowing off the edge of our cutting board and onto the counter, this board featured an extra deep pocket to catch those rebel drippings. In our perspective, a superb hit.

The board was finished with Tried and True Varnish Oil, a polymerized natural product that strictly adhere’s to the FDA’s standards for non-toxic and food safe finishes in its wet or dried states.


  1. We were given the handmade Checkered Kitchen Butcher Board for our wedding, and we love it! The board is beautifully constructed and the materials are such high-quality. We’ve had it about 4 months and can tell it will withstand the test of time for years to come. The best part of receiving something with such functional elegance is that we can actually use it! So many of our wedding gifts were decorative, or things we’ll rarely take off the shelf, while the Butcher Board always reminds us of our wedding day when we prepare meals together in the evenings.

    • Grace,
      I’m glad you enjoy the cutting boards and I’m very please to hear their being used too! I enjoyed making them for your special day.

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